Urban Wayfinding 
“Way3” is an innovative wayfinding experience design intervention that makes city suburbs immediately feel more familiar and comforting to both visitors and local residents. Way3 is an easy-to-understand set of integrated information components displayed on a vertical plinth-like structure at a bus stop.

Way3 can be deployed either as a temporary local surrounds and transport information go-to board - using corflute-like material, or as a permanently mounted plastic or metallic structure. Way3 is cost effective as it enables easy swap-out and updating of both information content and structure material. Way3 is attached to an existing bus stop signage post, thus minimising roadside visual ‘clutter’.

Way3 incorporates three main information components - local surroundings accessible within walking distance, bus service information and a detailed local area map. Way3 is designed to be simple and ‘legible’.

Useful information that is simple, clear, easy to understand and which is supported by a legible map and a specially designed set of pictograms - these are the core tenets of the Way3 ‘experience’ that enables the design to literally ‘radiate’ feelings of comfort and reassurance to users from all walks of life.

Way3 covers current as well as future user informational and wayfinding needs - keeping pace with the ongoing
development of the surrounding area, its walkability and public transport service provision.

Designer: Jordan Henderson
​Project Supervisor: Rob Mayo
Production: Benefitz Printing
​Modeling: Troy Brown

Initial Observations & Identified Needs & Insights
exisitng physical wayfinding system 
within Auckland.

Site Testing
tactical urbansim intervention of signage deployed at a minor bustop and interchange stop.

Development of Graphics & Iconography
tactical urbansim intervention of signage deployed at a minor bustop and interchange stop.

Stop Name, Bus Stop Number, Beacon

Directional Information
Points of interest within walking distance of 15 minutes

Bus Network Information
Destinations ahead served by corrisponding buses and duration.

Interprative Information/Locality Map
Key/Legend, Points of Interest in surrounding localities, Locality Map displaying various points of interes, public amenities and radial walking distances