AT Metro - InnerLink Connect
Wayfinding Pylon
The Auckland Transport Design Challenge Brief asked to develop and design an innovative, viable and feasible proposal that will enhance various aspects of walking, cycling and publictransport in the area of covering Grafton Station, the Auckland Domain and Auckland Hospital.

Through extensive investigation I saw the need to revise information systems in particular the way timetables are conveyed. An initial observation was that when approaching a timetablethat are displayed on information board, it can be quite overwhelming especially when you’re a new user or visitor, these timetables cover various and extensive routes which are operated by various services.

Diverging to one specific network I explored the Innerlink bus network which is a main network that runs by Grafton, The Domain and Auckland hospital. Furthermore the network’s average daily patronage is 7,600 users which put it among the busiest routes in Auckland therefore saw an opportunity to not only revise a timetable but clearly segregate the information from other networks on the local service information boards as it’s a main service for the area.

“I see the opportunity to provide a clearer and dynamic timetable for the inner link bus service that caters for a wider variety of demographics as well as promote and inform users various points of interest at each of the main stops the inner link serves through wayfinding.”

The design proposal is Inner Link AT Metro/Wayfinding plinth that conveys three main features which includes a revised route map, a flexible timetable in which displays enhanced frequencies and operating hours for certain days of the week and a locality map that informs distance, time to various points of interest, key areas and/or facilities.

The key feature of plinth is the timetable. The Innerlink runs a consistent and simple pattern in which a stem and leaf format was incorporated in that hours are displayed down the left and frequencies times off to the right. A key aim of the timetable design was to be clear and understood by all users helping to make a contribution to decrease passenger journey anxiety aswell as setting the standard among other bus timetable formats currently used by Auckland Transport.

Design: Jordan Henderson
Production: Programmed Property Services, Contractor of Auckland Transport

Physical plinth design
A feasible option was to use an exisiting blueprint which is already implemented by Auckland Transport. An advantage that this design has is the panels can be easily replaced if damaged or content needs updating.

Graphic Skin Development

Revised Route Map

Revised route map displays main stops of the network in a schematic format and provides details of the roads as well as displaying connections with other link services.

Introduction of a 24 hr stem n leaf format timetable. The service is more flexible in that is more frequent service during peak hours as well as operating hours extended on certian days of the week to cater for various situations.
Locality Map

Locality Map displays the surrounding points of interest such as parks, schools, public facilities, shops and transport hubs. Directional information displays key places outside the imediate locale with travel time and distance also conveyed. This helps commuters make informed decisions of how they get to a place.